10 tips to get your property ready for sale

Posted on 24 January 2020
10 tips to get your property ready for sale

Now that we are well into 2020, for some, that will mean getting their property ready for sale. It can be quite daunting. Should I decorate that tired looking spare room? Does the garden need an overhaul before we take the photographs? Belfast Estate Agents, Pinpoint Property we understand that you may have many questions on how to get your property ready for sale, what to do on the day that the viewing public may come around.  We frequently find that many people over-estimate how much they need to do in order to sell well so make an appointment with one of our valuers to visit your property as it is - they will give you an indication of value and make recommendations on what to do in order to sell well.  They will also chat you through any changes you were thinking of making and the added value they may bring in order to help you make the most cost effective and impactful changes or improvements.

When you are ready to sell, these are 10 of our top tips when it comes to preparing your property for photographs and making it as attractive as possible to as wide a range of interested parties as we can. It doesn’t need to be a massive effort, by doing these small things your property will present better in photographs and more positive attention will be drawn to it.

1. Firstly, the bathrooms. Easy really, just tidy up and hide your daily use. Remove toiletries and shampoo bottles from the shower. Make sure the lid is on laundry baskets and there is no visible clothing. Remove bathmats and hang towels tidily on towel rails.

2. Next, the kitchen. Declutter where possible. Remove fridge magnets and tea towels. Clear away small appliances such as toasters and kettles and remove clutter from bench tops such as telephone books, sugar bowls, recipe books etc. Oh, and don’t forget, clean appliances such as range hoods and ovens.

3. On to the living areas. One you will probably already know, add a few touches of colourful decor or fresh flowers. Set up your dining table with your best dinner setting with candles and flowers and remove some furniture and rugs if in a small space. It will make your property appear more spacious.

4. Up to the bedrooms. Make sure beds are made and add a few extra cushions if possible and remove everything from bedside tables except bedside lamps. Make sure those little terrors pack away any toys and clear any table tops of toiletries, photos and clothing.

5. Bear in mind that little things count. Don’t forget the detail either. Chances are the buyer will be nit-picking as they will be looking at several properties and weighing everything up. So get around now to those annoying little maintenance jobs such as a long overdue light bulb change. Important - Replace any missing light bulbs throughout the house.

6. So what about the outside? A potential buyer could be put off even before they have set foot inside your front door if they are given a bad first impression. You want them to walk up the drive or path already feeling impressed and excited to see more. Clear away casual use items such as bicycles, hoses and garden tools and remove any garden trimmings & rubbish. Put wheelie bins out of sight, use a friendly neighbours garden if possible!

7. What about your four-legged friends? If you do have pets, ask a relative or friend to look after them while viewings are taking place. While you love your furry friend, chances are your buyer won’t – or worse still, they may be allergic. Remove any pets bowls, bedding, toys etc.

8. Define each room. Buyers need to be able to picture themselves living in the house so it’s essential that each room is shown off to it highlight its purpose.  If your dining room is full of work papers or exercise equipment for example, return it to its original purpose.  It’s also important to de-personalise, for example by taking down posters in the kids bedrooms – so the buyer can see the potential for the house and where they would put their own items.

9. Make the most of outdoor space. Gardens or any type of outdoor space can be another great selling point – but an overgrown jungle could see your buyer running mile. Not only will the space look smaller and ‘forgotten about’, if paying out for a gardener isn’t in your viewer’s plan or budget, it could completely put them off the property. Get your green fingers ready - Mow lawns, trim shrubs & weed gardens & paths, clear leaves from gutters.

10. Last minute tricks. Open window blinds & curtains to let light in. Turn all lights on and turn off the television. Place all toilet lids down and hide electrical cables from view. Clear vehicles from the front street and driveways if possible.

……and lastly, it can be difficult to decide what to do when any viewing appointment is taking place. Remember, us estate agents have done this before! We have spoken to the viewer at length about their requirements and will know what to highlight in your property to them. So, best to stay out of the way!

When potential buyers come to view your property, let them wander freely around the house with the agent. You want them to feel comfortable and as though they can spend time looking at each room freely. Be ready also to answer any questions after the viewing.