Renting a property


No matter how you became a landlord or how many properties make up your portfolio, the benefits of having what is likely to be your most valuable asset managed by experienced, knowledgeable and successful professionals are considerable.

Managing property is time consuming and if you're trying to do it around another full time job, it can be stressful.  As one of the leading letting agents in Belfast, Pinpoint Property have the ability to relieve the pressure on you entirely allowing you to enjoy the income generated by your rental property without any of the hard work.   You will not be required to evaluate tenants, deal with legal documents, identify contractors to carry out any works needed, or have the strain of collecting rents. Instead, our award winning Residential Lettings and Management team will oversee it all for you and much more, before transferring your rental payment to your account via BACS.

And if you are looking for further buy to let investments, our experienced sales teams can help there too.


Even if you know exactly where you want to rent a home, how much you have to spend and what type of house or flat you wish to secure, it can still be helpful to use an agent to identify the exact property that matches your criteria.

With more than 20 years experience in lettings, Pinpoint Property is expertly placed to match you with your perfect properties.  The tenants advice section of our website has been designed to provide you with all the information you will possibly require if you are looking for property to let.  If you are not sure about the demands placed upon tenants and the criteria you will be asked to meet, visit our FAQs section to work out exactly what you will need to do to secure your new rental property.

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