Top Tips on Moving House

Pinpoint's Top Tips on Moving

During the excitement and rigmarole, it is easy to forget some of the "less important" aspects of moving home. Pinpoint has compiled a list to make the transition from old to new home as smooth as possible.

1. Book your removals company as soon as possible. It will feel like one great weight off your shoulders!

2. Check your home contents insurance policy to ensure that you are covered during the moving process.

3. Let your telephone and broadband provider know that you moving.

4. If you are moving to an entirely new town or city, you will have to unregister with your doctor and dentist.

5. Inform your bank, insurance company, children's school and store cards of your change of address.

6. Inform TV Licensing and your satellite provider of your new address.

7. Do not forget to inform the DVLA of your new address. Failure to do so is considered an offense.

8. Notify your local council of your change of address. After all, you could be owed a rates rebate from the Land & Property Services.

9. Organise to have your mail redirected to your new address.

10. Hand over all spare keys and alarm codes to your old property.

11. Locate the stopcock in your new property.

12. If you need to find somewhere to stay during the moving period, organise it during the early stages of the buying process. You don't want to be begging friends and family for sofa space the day before the big move!

13. Organise for somebody to look after your children on moving day.

14. Book your pets into kennels during the move.

15. Empty and defrost your fridge and fridge freezer.

16. Pack a necessities box. It means you will have a "go to" the evening of your move. Pack it with tea bags, cutlery, toilet roll, light bulbs, a screwdriver and anything else that you think might come in handy.

17. Organise and label your boxes. You don't want to be searching through boxes at midnight for something specific.

18. Sit back, relax and enjoy the prospect of your new home!