Pinpoints Budget Tips - How to Save Money on Energy and Heating Bills

Posted on 21 November 2022
Pinpoints Budget Tips - How to Save Money on Energy and Heating Bills

Should you leave the heating on all the time?

I you are concerned about rising energy prices you're probably also thinking about how long you should actually leave your heating on for and if it may be cheaper to have a constant low output all of the time, or if you should just switch it on as and when you require?

Saving money isn't just about whether or not your heat is on or not, though it is part of it.

The confusion surrounding the on/off question is widely talked about and not often agreed upon- but experts from the Energy Saving Trust revealed that leaving the heating on low all day isn’t actually cheaper.
Only using the heating when you need it is actually better for your bill amount overall as you’re saving energy.

So if you’re looking to increase your central heating’s energy efficiency (and save money) then you’re probably better off only using the heating when you need it.

Is your boiler doing its job?

How old is your boiler?
When was your boiler last serviced?
Do you have boiler cover?

Layer clothing when inside and have a hot drink

It may seem like a no brainer however using clothing and consuming hot food and drinks will keep you ticking over between periods where your heating is not switched on.

Stop draughts:

Ensure there are no areas in the property that suffer from draughts, identifying these areas is key and once you have there are various methods to stop a draught.
  • Windows
    If certain windows are an issue you ca purchase draught proofing strips for the frame, closing thick curtains can also help in the home.
  • Doors
    Make sure internal doors are closed to keep the heat in. You can also purchase draught-proofing strips for any gaps around the edges of the door frame, and draught excluders on the bottom of doors.
  • Fireplaces and chimneys
    If a fireplace is not in use in your property open chimney then there are ways to eliminate fireplace draughts. Why not try blocking up a chimney with an inflatable pillow or fitting a cap to your chimney pot?

Turn down your thermostat

It can be tempting to turning your thermostat up when its chilly however turning it down by 1°C could save up to £75 per annum. 

Time your heating

Try timing your heating so that it’s warm when you wake up or come home.

Choose which rooms to heat

Particularly if you work from home in a certain room this tip is helpful! be selective in which rooms you heat at certain times, if you have thermostatic radiator valves you can control your heating room by room minimising the amounbt of energy and heat you are using to keep warm.