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Pinpoint has been trading since 1997 and has a wealth of experience in managing properties and specialize in the management of housing developments/apartment schemes/mixed housing schemes to ensure all common areas are maintained and insured. We put in place all service required for each scheme including services to ensure Health & Safety, Fire safety legislation are obligations are dealt with.

What is a Management Company?

A Management Company (Man Co) is a term commonly referred to when there are areas that are common to several homes that need maintained and public liability cover. The homeowners that share the obligation to maintain and insure become shareholders in a legal entity in a Limited Company and thus voting rights and have a say how maintenance and costs are spent. For apartment owners, the exterior of the fabric of the building and interior common areas is the responsibility of the Man Co to maintain & Insure. Shareholders are responsible for the funding of these costs.

What is a Managing Agent?

A Managing agent is responsible to coordinate the shared obligations of the Man Co to insure/maintain & file Company returns. The agent should be transparent in its financial dealings and competent to put in place required services. An experienced agent will steer the directors to ensure their obligations are meet.

We offer:
• Free on-site consultation and advice
• We can prepare a service charge budget for consideration
• Advice on legal set up
• Prepare & incorporate bespoke Memorandums & Articles of association for developers
• Out of hours emergency contact number
• Arrange & call Annual General Meetings and take and provide minutes

Nugent Hall

Services provided:

Administration support

• Incorporation of a Company for developers
• Arranging building or Public Liability cover and Directors & Officers insurance
• Replying to sales enquiries from solicitors to enable sales to progress
• Updating Company records
• Ensuring the covenant terms of the lease are adhered to

Company secretarial services

• Maintenance of Companies House Register records
• Incorporating a Company for a new developing

Financial Services

• Prepare a detailed service charge budget for agreement by directors/shareholders at AGM
• Reconciliation of “actual cost v estimated cost” at end of each financial year
• Issue & collect service charge
• Debt collection of service charge arrears
• Have dedicated contractors who will attend promptly and are experienced in their field of expertise.
• Paying contractors from service charge funds

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