Top Tips: How to make your home sell faster

Posted on 30 June 2021
Top Tips: How to make your home sell faster

When selling our homes, the main goal for many of us is a quick sale at the desired price. To achieve this in the selling process it is vital to portray our homes in a positive light to attract buyers. This does not mean you have to spend a fortune, there are many DIY tricks you can try to spruce up your home.

Our estate agents at Pinpoint Property have created the perfect quick guide to make your home stand out and sell:

Kerb Appeal
The first thing a potential buyer sees is the front of your home, and good first impressions matter!

It is important to make a priority of stepping up your kerb appeal. Some simple tricks include making sure both the front and back garden is tidy and in good order, you want your buyer to imagine themselves enjoying a summer’s evening in the garden.

Replacing that worn-out "Welcome" doormat or having the window cleaner out for a visit is simple yet effective. A quick paint job outside your home can also be just as important as painting the inside! Ensure your front door has been kept clean, touch up with paint and polish the knocker if needed. Many sellers have opted for a colourful door rather than plain old black or brown, pastels such as pink are very common, as well as a staple grey. These tiny adjustments are sure to entice the buyers through your front door.


Declutter for an open space
Allow your potential buyers to concentrate on the space rather than the clutter.  Try to clear bulky furniture and large family photos away as these can easily distract viewers, meaning they are unable to focus on what the home has to offer.  Very large furniture can often make a space feel a lot smaller than it is so try and rearrange the room to showcase it in its best light.  There is a fine line between decluttering and clearing the property, so ensure you find the right balance.

Emotionally detach & Depersonalise
Before placing your home on the market, you need to make sure that you are ready for the commitment to sell both emotionally and financially.  There will be stress involved with selling but ensuring you have a reliable and helpful estate agent behind you every step of the way will be sure to make the process run smoother. Depersonalising your home is key as buyers want to be able to envision themselves living in your home. So, removing photos, keepsakes and toys are beneficial.

Define Rooms
Make sure every room has a purpose. Adding small changes such as turning a spare room you use to store your clothes into a guest bedroom, home office or nook. Although your wallpaper and paint may not be to every buyer's taste it would be useful to have the rooms a neutral colour so the potential of the room is easily imagined.

Lighting is key! Use your homes natural light to its advantage. Ensure all curtains and blinds are open, as well as turning on any lights for viewings. This will make your home appear inviting and brighter.


Quick tips

·Open some windows to let in some fresh air and light.
·Flowers, essential oils and air purifiers are brilliant for clearing the air in your home.
·Home staging is not decorating, it is about making your home appeal to a range of buyers.
·Add mirrors around the house for more light and opens the space.
·Make sure any sign of pets is stored away

The most important tip we can give is to find the estate agent you feel most comfortable with. Remember, price is not always the deciding factor.  You need to have a good relationship with the individual as you will be working closely with them over an extended period to sell your home.