What would you save in a house fire?


posted on 09 December 2016

What would you save in a house fire?

No one wants to think about such things in the run up to the festive season, but with so many of us with presents of value in our homes waiting to be given out and increased use of christmas lights, candles etc...fire and theft should be worth at least a thought.

Aside from family and pets of course, for many of us this question is a tough one. Do we grab our smartphone or something more sentimental and precious, such as family photos?

According to research, when it comes to listing valuables on a home insurance policy many people (34%) would consider their laptop their most expensive possession but don’t take into account their garages, which could hold £138 of booze and BBQs in the garden that are worth £290 on average.

Maurice Rafferty, Area Commander, Northern Ireland Fire & Rescue Service explains: “Christmas is traditionally a busy time for us.  We see the number of fires in the home increase due to extra fire hazards such as candles, fairy tree lights, portable heaters, overloaded sockets and people using fires that have not been lit for some time. Over the Christmas period last year we received 1,545 calls and Firefighters attended 1,005 incidents across Northern Ireland. 

Patrica McKillop of PMK Financial Services advises those taking out home insurance to cover expensive items to also check the small print carefully on their policy. "For example, in the case of a theft,  a bike might be insured while it’s in your garden, but only if it’s secured to an immovable object.”

While home insurance might not bring back these irreplaceable, sentimental pieces should they perish, it can save you heartache and trouble when it comes to getting back on your feet and re-purchasing everything else.

If your home insurance is up for renewal and you want to see if you can get a better deal, why not contact Patricia McKillop to see how she can help you.  As an independent financial adviser based in Belfast she is experienced in sourcing insurances and NI mortgage deals for a wide range of clients. 

Doing all you can to prevent the fire in the first place is the best outcome. Please read our Christmas safety precautions to prevent electrical fires  http://pinpointproperty.com/admin/articles/edit/69

Out of 50 people asked in a recent poll, here’s what they would save:

  • Printed photographs: 10
  • Memory boxes: 3
  • Work laptop: 2
  • Children’s comforters: 3
  • Family heirlooms: 12
  • Important documents: 4
  • Handmade items: 6
  • Childhood toy: 4
  • Expensive items: 4
  • Other sentimental item: 2