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Pinpoint Property are experienced in student accommodation Belfast lettings and advertise a variety of houses and apartments to rent with something for everyone, from freshers to mature students.  Demand is high, properties rent quickly and we know that there is often a feeling of pressure to make a decision quickly.

Whether you're studying at Queens University, the University of Ulster, Belfast School of Art, Stranmillis University College, St Mary's University College or the Belfast Met, Pinpoint can help find you the perfect student home. Click here to browse and find Belfast student accommodation.

The Elms Village

A popular choice and a rite of passage for many first year students, accommodation in Queen's University Belfasts student village is arranged through the university directly, rather than through an lettings agent.  Its a great way to introduce yourself to the student experience in relative safety and, with over 1,000 people living close by, it is certainly hard to be bored in Elms.  It can also be difficult to get peace to study, but the library is just 15 mins away.  It is modern, there is an on-site shop and bar, and the Treehouse regularly organise the kind of cheesy, yet fun, activities that first year is all about.  You don’t get to choose which building you live in, nor do you know who your floormates are until you show up, and with 11 people living on each floor dinner time can be a battlefield.  There is, however, the possibility of incredibly fit neighbours across the hall and you get the chance to meet people you never would have come across otherwise.


Named so because of the existence of streets such as Jerusalem St and not because there is anything remotely pious about the area, the Holylands are famous for one thing and one thing only; PARTY.  From Cromwell Road to Agincourt Avenue this is the place to live if a perpetual hangover is crucial to your experience as a student. Jam packed with pubs and eateries, the noise emanating from this area just never dies down and a simple walk to a friend’s house can reportedly lead to the best night of your life.

For various reasons, the rent is the cheapest you will find so close to the City centre.  The quality of the student accommodation can be variable, but that’s not to say there aren’t some real gems in there. Just make sure to get in early, as when house-hunting season comes around those ones go fast.  If you do decide to live deep in the heart of this mystic land be prepared to give up on sleep, sobriety and possibly your car.  Parking here can be a nightmare but with Queens and Belfast City Centre just a few minutes walk away, and being well served by train and bus, who needs a car?


Home to Boojum, Maggie Mays, Madison’s, the infamous Empire and much, much more, Botanic Avenue is high on the list of student hot-spots in Belfast.  Living down one of the many side streets here, one can find the perfect balance between studying and having an active social life.  The area is generally quiet and uneventful, but revelers queuing outside Chip Co. at 3am can sometimes disrupt the sleep cycle of those living directly off the main street.  Botanic is close to everything you will need as a student; the university, the library, a chippy and an off license as well as a plethora of eateries.  With so many choices, lunch times can induce panic attacks in the indecisive.


This area is immensely popular with second and third year students seeking to leave Elms behind – but not too far behind. Stranmillis Road boasts an impressive number of boutique cafes, restaurants, has a vibrant nightlife and is also close to the main Queens/Stranmillis campuses, the PEC and Library and the city centre.

The houses are nice, spacious and well equipped for throwing some of the best house parties known to student-kind. Indeed, some even have gardens – perfect for late summer soirees.  If you're lucky enough, you won't even have to leave your garden to enjoy the music festivals held in the nearby Botanic Gardens, and if you do, you've only a short stagger to get home again.  The original Holylands, this area was once renowned for its wild parties and, though it would still be high on the list of areas that receive the most noise complaints, it is a more residential area and offers better opportunities for sleep and study.

Lisburn Road

Another favourite amongst students, the Lisburn Road encompasses the area directly down the street from the Lanyon Building the whole way to, well, Lisburn.  When you live on Fitzwilliam and your best mate lives on Windsor Road that walk can seem to take an eternity.  Oh well, at least on your way there you will get to look into various upscale restaurants and boutiques, the eclectic melange of cafes, bars, pizzerias and, not one, but two ice cream shops.  

The houses here are also quite nice, and there is a higher concentration of flats than any other area populated by students. Ideal for those who simply loved the halls experience of being on first name terms with the people upstairs and quietly cursing their existence every time they throw a pre night out drinks party.  Living further away down the Lisburn Road brings its own advantages e.g. you are closer to Tescos and the Cuckoo bar with its cheap cocktails.  Anything that makes that knuckle crushing walk home from Tesco, with your weekly shop, shorter and easier to bear is a bonus.

Ormeau Road

Much more residential, the most excitement the lower Ormeau Road (cityside of the River Lagan) sees is the queue for the side door of the Hatfield bar on a Friday and Saturday night. This area is popular with final year students who want to be within easy walking distance of the University, the library and all the nightlife, but far enough removed to be able to study and sleep in relative peace. Once you cross the River Lagan, the Ormeau Road has a cafe/restaurant culture and nightlife of its own, more suited to the mature student and young professionals and rents tend to be higher as a result.

Whichever area you choose to live in, keep a close eye on our rental listings to make sure you don't miss out on your perfect home from home next year. View our list of student accommodation properties here.

Its not all about Queens University

Northside of Belfast lies the University of Ulster whose campus is currently expanding and being redeveloped and the Belfast Met College is just across the river to the East.

John Bell House, the recently converted Belfast Metropolitan College building in College Square East is a city centre student accommodation building just 5 minutes walk from the Europa bus and train station as well as the University of Ulster campus.  It couldn't be more central. Belfast Met to the East is definitely within walking distance but if the weather is bad, or you're feeling under the weather, that short bus ride is going to look more inviting than a long shuffle on shanks pony.

Work is due to begin on multistory student accommodation just off York St, and next to the University of Ulster campus, but it won't be ready in time for this years student intake.