Winter Property Precautions

Are you prepared for the cold weather? Here is the Pinpoint Property guide to property management this Winter.

As the legal occupier, it is important that you take precautions to ensure the safety of your rented home over the festive season.

Please take a few minutes to read the information below and consider what you can do to safeguard your property from weather induced damages. It is important to note that failure to fulfil your responsibilities could result in you being found liable for the cost of any repairs.


If you plan on vacating your property for a few days over winter, we advise that you continue to heat your home even at a very low level. If your property is fitted with a top up meter, make sure that you have enough credit to last you over the cold spell and to allow your boiler to work. We recommend that you do NOT turn off your boiler for the duration of your absence because boiler breakdowns are common when turning it back on.

Water Systems

If in the unfortunate event that a pipe does burst, turn off the mains water supply at the stopcock to reduce the flow of water. We recommend that you drain the system by letting the taps run dry to reduce the pressure on all leaking pipes. The stopcock is a valve for turning off the cold water supply to your property and can usually be found underneath your kitchen sink. We advise that you locate it now to avoid panic in the case of an emergency.

Electrical Faults

If there an electrical fault in your property over the holiday break, please contact your electrical provider. Also, if you think that a leaking pipe may come into contact with electrical wiring make sure to switch off the electricity at the mains.


As the temperature outside becomes colder, the condensation within the property will increase. Unfortunatey humidity can't be prevented but it can be reduced. Refrain from drying your clothes indoors, ensure that you use the extractor fans in your bathroom and kitchen and try to open your windows for a short period of time each day. Along with keeping your heating on, these measures should reduce the condensation in your home.


If you are away for any period of time, make sure to check that all windows, doors and gates are securely locked. We would recommend that you remove all valuables from street view.

If you are a tenant in a property that we manage and if you have a genuine maintenance emergency please call 02890 682 777 during opening hours and 07786 392824 out of office hours. Please note this number is for emergency maintenance calls only - MESSAGES LEFT WILL BE ACCESSED AND CALLS RETURNED WITHIN 24hrs.